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Our packages are:

  1. Standard Package. Includes, 5,000 individual capacity, 150
    MB of hard disk server storage, FTP, Unmetered Bandwidth. And PhpGedView (mysql
    version - fast) installed. YourFamilyName.ourroots.info domain name of
    your very own. [personal .com, .net, .org, OR .info domains are avaliable at an extra
    Version 4 phpGedView installed.
  2.  Advanced Package. You get 300 MB of hard disk server
    space. Every thing in the Standard Package listed above, FTP access
    to build your own custom site including WebSite Builder Edition
    drive WebSite Builder Here!
    This is a great tool to build great web
    sites fast. NOTHING to INSTALL, NO NEED TO BUY anything. We make
    it easy.New! Version 4 phpGedView installed.
  3. Starter Package We offer this solution just to get you started. We
    really want you to experience the power of the Internet at a low cost to
    you. This package includes PhpGedView, 2,500 individual capacity and 20
    MB of hard disk server storage. You can always upgrade SEAMLESSLY to
    our Advanced or Standard packages when you think you are ready at any time. Version
    phpGedView installed.

Please Note: You will receive an email when your account is set
up. The Starter Hosting Package is NOT available for single domain names. ie. mydomain.com
If you own
(and want to transfer web hosting) or wish to purchase a personal and exclusive domain name you must purchase a Standard or Advanced

Optional Add On's

  • Email - Our email servers are FAST, Efficient, SECURE and have
    99.99% up time. You get a 250 MB storage, SPAM and Virus filtering,
    IMAP, POP,Flexible access to email using the a Web browser and popular
    programs like Microsoft Outlook® and Qualcomm Eudora®, Memorable email
    address which doesn't need to be communicated when you change jobs or
    Internet Service Providers eg.
    also available domains are: tradenet.com, obits.cc and knsi.net OR
    your very own domain), Ability to remotely access email from other
    email accounts (i.e. Yahoo!®), Unlimited bandwidth, AND we are so
    confident in this service we give a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
    That's why we priced this service separately.
  • Domain Names - Currently the .info domain is on sale. If you wish
    to have purchase a .com, .net, .org or other we can accommodate you!
    If you own your own domain name we can still accommodate you with our
    services. Contact Us Now.
  • New phpGedView Version!

    Installed with Standard & Advanced Packages Only.

  • Version 4.0 includes enhanced web services developed in
    partnership with students from Neumont University.

    Other enhancements found in Version 4.0 include:

    * Improved support for PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server

    * Ability to upload and download Zipped GEDCOM files

    * Faster calendar and date functions

    * Enhanced user management

    * Improved administration and configuration changes

    * New Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex search

    * Many new editing options including a much
    improved Quick Update form
    * More support for Jewish Dates
    * New PDF reports
    * New Descendancy Booklet option on Descendancy chart
    * Updated individual page
    * More types of favorites
    * SOAP based web service
    * Ability to link people across different GEDCOMS and PGV websites
    * Enhanced multi-media support

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